iPod Touch Screen Repair FAQ

iPod Touch Screen Repair FAQ

Q: What's the iPod Touch screen resolution?
A: (Gen 1-3: 480×320 px [HVGA] at 163 PPI) (Gen 4: 960×640 px at 326 PPI)
Q: What's the iPod Touch screen size?
A: 3.5 inches (89mm); 2:3 aspect ratio
Q: Is the iPod Touch screen glossy or matte?
A: The Apple iPod Touch features a Glossy Glass-Covered LED
Q: What's the main differences of the new 4th gen iTouch screen vs the older 1-3 generations?
A: The iTouch 4 utilizes 2x the pixel resolution + offers 24-bit color depth (compared to 18-bit)
Q: Does the iPod Touch replacement glass include a digitizer as well?
A: Yes, all our glass replacements (for every generation) include an integrated digitizer cable
Q: In addition to the free pry tools, what's included with an iPod Touch screen replacement kit?
A: Gen 1 - Glass Only | Gen 2&3 - Glass, Frame & Home Button | Gen 4 - Glass & LCD Screen

Key Terms:

ipod touch digitizer repair

iPod Touch Digitizer

- Small flex cable attached to replacement glass (controls touch-sensitive functions)

A clear example of digitizer failure becomes obvious when the iPod Touch screen no longer responds to touch functionality. In rare cases, the cable is loose and just needs reattached to the logic board, but often it requires a complete glass replacement.

ipod touch lcd screen repair

iPod Touch LCD Screen

- Internal display (not outer glass)

A blank or white screen and/or inner blotches are all indicators of LCD damage. The iTouch 4G screen assembly features an integrated glass + LCD. The 1G, 2G, & 3G LCD screen replacement for iPod Touch is seperate from the glass.

ipod touch mid frame repair

iPod Touch Mid-Frame

- Also known as the chassis bezel (connects glass to iTouch)

The thin mid frame is important for a successful screen repair since it allows the glass to snap properly into place. If your existing frame is broken/dented and not replaced, you elevate the risk of repeat breakage.

ipod touch glass repair

iPod Touch Glass

- Outer iTouch screen (not internal LCD display)

If your iPod is cracked, shattered, busted, or broken you'll likely require an iPod Touch glass repair kit or service.